Welcome To Panda Online

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This is Panda Online Server Part of PureSRO Servers <3

Startup quest

Take Quest from Quest manager at DW Main town
and take Startup quest for easy start
go to Arabian guardian and hunt 100 Ruin Cutter
then back again to Quest manager to take your reward
1- 1 Billion Gold Coins
2- 2 Billion EXP

Top Players Event

Hello <3
There is New Automatic event
Every 6 Hours System will Check who Top 1 Player at Ranking
Top 1 Will get Diamond Box and Title
[ King Of Panda ] for Male
[ Queen Of Panda ] for Female

How to start <3

- Level 101
- Full Set&Acc&Weapon D14 Sos+3 FB
- 5.000.000M SP
- 250.000.000M Gold
- 20x Reverse Return Scrolls
- Pink Pig Summon Scroll 28Days
- 1.000.000M FREE SILK