Welcome To Panda Online

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This is Panda Online Server Part of PureSRO Servers <3



Madness Event Room Entering lvl Fixed

Added Uniques Drop To Khloud & Karkden
1~2 Gold Coin
2x Immortal & 2x Astral Drop Rate 60%
3x 100 SILK Scroll Drop rate 100%

Medusa Reward 800 SILK

Skills Changes
Now Ch Skills when You die Skill will still working u dont have to rebuff again & again & again

Damage Return Removed From Warrior skills

There is New over 47 Quests Choosen for you Random everyday 3 Quests
You can Take Quest by very easy way
Just Type at All Chat $Kotsh Quest

Quest Random PureSRO New

System Will give you quest to do
When you Finish it Just Type again $Kotsh quest

Quest Random PureSRO New

Quest Random PureSRO New

Quest Random PureSRO New
Rewards is Random Buff & Random Amount of Silk Depends on Quest Difficulty
Have Fun Please